KHADOOR SAHIB Khadoor Sahib is in District Amritsar in state of Punjab in India. It is a sacred place in the Sikh history and religion. Eight Sikh Gurus visited Khaddor Sahib. It is connected with the name of second Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Angad Dev Ji. The Guru Angad Dev Ji spent 13 years of his Guruship at Khadoor Sahib, spreading the universal message of first Guru, Nanak Dev Ji. There are many other firsts of Sikh religion attached with this place, Gurmukhi Lipi was introduced for the first time as medium of language after careful modification by Guru Angad Sahib; first Gurmukhi Primer was prepared by the Guru; first school was established by Guru Angad Sahib Ji; first Gutka of Guru Nanak Sahib’s Bani was prepared; first Mal Akhara for wrestling was established; and first regular campaign against intoxicants and social evils was started by Guru Angad Sahib.